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UFO Conspiracies


Date Location Conspiracy Description
2012 London London Olympics Conspiracy The olympics were a distraction for aliens to invade earth
2014 Malaysia Missing Flight MH370 The missing flight MH370 was actually abducted by aliens
0 AD Middle East Jesus Was an Alien Some people believe that Jesus was an Alien because of what he was able to do
1963 USA Kennedy Assasination The CIA killed Kennedy to prevent him from knowing the "truth"
Present Day Nevada Area 51 There is a military facility where the government performs research on alien activity

With new conspiracies popping up now and then, we are never let down to be entertained. Although some of these theories may sound profoundly stupid, there has been some evidence found that backs up some of these ideas. Although some people might, these theories are not to be taken seriously no matter how realistic they might seem.