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UFO Sightings

Many UFO sightings have multiple visual claims but unfortunalty there is rarely enough photographic evidence to back it up. Often times, these sightings are captured with a video but they are never able to be distinguished and are often dismissed as irrelevant. In addition, only one person seems to claim a sighting which to most people is not enough evidence that something actually happened. Whenever these phenomenons happen, conspiracies pop up with them about the meaning behind its occurence but these are often far fetched and un true. With sightings as early as the 1600's, new UFO sightings keep being reported by countless people but not on the same occaison. Sometimes, people will report different sightings from even the same location.

    Most Commom UFO Sighting Reports.
  1. Flying Object
  2. - Sphere
    - Disk
    - Sphere
    - Star
    - Fireball
  3. Unnatural Event
  4. Alien