Welcome to the land of Potatoes!!

Potatoes, the greatest resource in the world. Much more important than anything else you can think of....

even oxygen.

Potatoes are easy to grow and they can be transformed and cooked and prepared in many ways.

World Potato Production, 2010-2013

2010 2011 2012 2013
USA 18,337,537 19,488,460 20,990,738 19,483,919
Mexico 1,536,617 1,433,239 1,801,618 1,629,938
UK 6,056,000 6,310,000 4,553,000 5,580,000
Canada 4,421,773 4,168,175 4,590,296 4,620,000
World Total Population 333,534,096 275,076,702 370,594,695 376,452,254

Overall, potatoes are widely used. But enough with the statistical view of them, let's get down to a more usefull part of them.

You may argue that potatoes are unhealthy but that's only if you make them unhealthy by cooking them with lots of salt and oil. But here I present the nautral naked health nutrition of a potato.

Potato Health Nutrtition

Calories (kcal) 110 % Daily Value
Fat (g) 0 -
Cholesterol (mg) 0 -
Sodium (mg) 0 -
Potassium (mg) 620 18%
Vitamin C (mg) 27 45%
Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.2 10%
Fiber (g) 2 8%
FDA Data for a 5.3oz Potato with the Skin

Facts about potatoes!

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I'm confident by now that you may be hungry by now, so as a little treat I will give you a quick recipie for homemade French Fries!!

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Adult supervision highly suggested (hot oil and sharp objects)