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Possible Free Agent Targets For The Oakland Athletics

By Oakland Athletics Insider

The A's had unexpected succes last year, improving their win record over 2017 by 22 games. They faced adversity throughout the entire year, and were a complete surprise whenever they went on an absolute tear en route to winning 97 games. The A's, however, will lose many arms in their rotation and bullpen to free agency, such as Edwin Jackson, Brett Anderson, and Jeurys Familia. The A's will also lose Jed Lowrie and Jonathan Lucroy to free agency. If the A's want to repeat their success and exceed last years performance, they will need to target many players in the free agent market with a low budget. Here are some positions that the A's will need to adress:


With the elite defensive cathcer Jonathan Lucroy now a free agent and with Sean Murphy not quite ready to play in the big leages in 2019, the A's will likely target these players:

Jonathan Lucroy Kurt Suzuki Kurt Suzuki Martin Maldonado Jonathan Lucroy
Jonathan Lucroy
One of the A's primary goals in the offseason is to bring back Jonthan Lucroy and Jed Lowrie, but they will realistically bring back only one player. Jonathan Lucroy was an amazing club house leader and defensive player, and he came through in big situations at the plate. The A's will aim for another 1 year deal with Lucroy.
Kurt Suzuki
The more you think about it, the more sense it makes to bring former A Kurt Suzuki back the the A's. Kurt has had his best years in 2017 and 2018, and he will likely maintain his hitting performance in 2019. Kurt Suzuiki is also very good defensively, and posted the third highest WAR among free agent cathcers at 2.0. If the A's can sneak out a one year deal with Kurt, that would be a steal. Check out his career stats Here.
Martin Maldonado
Martin Maldonado will likely be coveted by many teams. He is the best defensive catcher in the MLB, and is starting to figure things out hitting-wise. All signs point to a very productive 2019 for this young defensive star, and the A's would love to have him for 2019 is they can manage to pull off a one-year deal with him.
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