The Three Most Influential Poets of Odissi and their Contributions:

Kabi Surya Baladeba Rath, Gopal Krushna Pattnaik and Bonamali Das were three of the most influential writers of odia literature that was often sung and danced. Many dancers took literature and brought the beautifully written stories to life, and therefore, many of these poets have works that have been turned into Odissi music and dance composition. Here are some of their acheivements:

Name Birth Place Year Reknown works
Kabi Surya Baldeba Rath Badakhemundi of the Ganjam district 1789 "Kavisurya Granthavali", "Kavisurya Geetabali" and the "Kishore Chandrananda Chaupadi Chautisa"
Gopal Krushna Pattnaik Parlekhemundi 1785"Brajaku Chora Asichhi", "Uthilu Ede Begi Kahinkire", "Mo Krushna Chandrama", "Dukhidhana Chandranana"
Banamali Das Rangamatia in Ganjam District late 18th century "Songinire" and "Kahin Gale"

All these poets had a different style of writing. For example, Kabi Surya Baladeba Rath was a lyrical poet and on the contrary Banamali Das was a devout Hindu whose poems were smple and purely devotional. On the other hand, Gopal Krushna Pattnaik was a combination of the two. His writings often depicted divine love in its mortal from and he too was devotional more so than Rath and less than Banamali.