Taekwondo is a Martial Art

Find out the history of Taekwondo Ranks, belts, and promotion Taekwondo Poomase Taekwondo Sparring

Taekwondo means Kick,Punch,and The way. Taekwondo uses different techinques like: Blocks, Kicks, and Punches. Taekwondo teaches a lot of thing to one person. It can help defend yourself from someone. Be nice to people, like your elders. Help communitcate with other people. Taekwondo is an offical Olmpic Sport and people from all around the world go and compete in different events like: Individual, Pairs, Team ,and Freestle Poomase,Sparing, Team Sparing, Board Breaking, and Demos.Taekwondo should only be used for self-defense.

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