Taekwondo History

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Taekwondo started in 50 B.C. in Korea, Korea was divided into three kingdoms: Silla,Koguryo,and Paekche. Taekwondo was first being trained in Koguryo, but Silla was the kingdom that spread Taekwondo throughout Korea.

Silla was the smallest kingdom out of the three and they were under attack by Japanese Pirates. Silla needed help driving out the pirates, so they asked the Koguryo kingdom for help. Some Sillan warriors were given the training in Taekwondo by people who knew Taekwondo in Koguryo. The warriors that were taught taekwondo set up a military academy for only the sons of royalty. They studied all different types of things like Taekwodo, History, military tactics etc.

There is something in taekwondo called the Eleven Commandments. The Eleven Commandments are kind of like the rules we have. The Eleven Commandments are:

  1. Loyalty you your country
  2. Faithfulness to your spouse
  3. Respect your brothers and sisters
  4. Respect your teachers
  5. Indomitable spirit
  6. Finish what you begin
  7. Respect your paretns
  8. Loyalty to your friends
  9. Respect your elders
  10. Never take life unjustly
  11. Loyalty to your school
  12. Dates What Happen
    668 A.D-935 A.D. Taekwondo was mostly used as a sport during the Silla Dynasty.
    935 A.D-1392 A.D The focus of the art was changed during the Koryo dynasty.
    1147-1170 The art changed from a system the promotes fitness to a fighting art.
    1945 Korea was liberated, there were many different variations of Taekwondo in Korea, and this was due to all of the martial arts influence on it.
    1945-1960 Many Taekwondo schools were created and each school emphasized a different aspect of Taekwondo, but still claimed to teach the traditional Korean martial art.
    1962 Taekwondo became one of the offical events in the annual National Athletic Meet in Korea.
    1973 Created a new international govering body called The Wolrd Taekwondo Federation, and cioncied with the first Wolrd Taekwondo Championship that were held in Seoul,Korea.
    1982 The Feneral Session of the IOC designed Taekwondo as an offical demonstration Sport of the 1988 Olympic Games.