Taekwondo Ranks, Belts, and Promotion

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Every Taekwondo program is different when it comes to testing. Maybe they need to do certain tasks to pass like breaking a board and flipping a person using the right techinque, and some people look at what they know or should know and see if they are ready to go up a rank or not. Some taekwondo programs test on what abilities they have or they can do all three combined. When I did taekwondo my promotions were hard, my instuctor made me do all three combined, it was really hard. Also people have to get a certain amount of points to pass like every task they pass they earn 5 points and they need to get like 60-80 points to pass.

Belts and Ranks and there Meanings

Belt Color Rank Meaning
White 10th Kup Pure and doesn't know anything about Taekwondo and begins with a clean slate
White Advance 9th Kup
Yellow 8th Kup Starts to understand the basics of Taekwondo
Yellow Advance 7th Kup
Green 6th Kup Starts developing power in the technique, and the basic techniques are beginning to work together.
Green Advance 5th Kup
Blue 4th Kup Now passed midpoint and starts focusing his/her energy upward toward black belt
Blue Advance 3rd Kup
Red 2nd Kup Becoming to an end of their basic training and starts physical and mental discipline
Red Advance
Black Now their basic training is done and starts to seek more profound knowledge of the Art. Also starts to teach lower belts.