Zodiac Signs and Their Looks

Aries-Virgo Appearence

Libra-Pisces Appearence

Zodiac Dates Properties Represent Governed By Sign
Aries, The Ram March 21-April 20 Cardinal Fire Head/Face Mars
Taurus, The Bull April 21-May 21 Fixed Earth Neck Venus
Gemini, The Twins May 22-June 21 Mutable Air Arms Mercury
Cancer, The Crab June 22-July 22 Cardinal Water Breast Moon
Leo, The Lion July 23-August 22 Fixed Fire Heart Sun
Virgo, The Virgin August 23-September 23 Mutable Earth Bowels Chiron
Libra, The Scales September 24-October 23 Cardinal Air Reins Venus
Scorpio, The Scorpion October 24-November 22 Fixed Water Secrets Pluto
Sagittarius, The Bowman November 23-December 21 Mutable Fire Thighs Jupiter
Capricorn, The Goat December 22-January 20 Cardinal Earth Knees Saturn
Aquarius, The Butler January 21-February 19 Fixed Air Legs Uranus
Pisces, The Fishes February 20-March 20 Mutable Water Feet Neptune