The Art of the Abacus

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Welcome to the Ancient Tool

The abacus is a counting device that can be used to perform mathematical calculations; primarily addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divison; in seconds. Primarily used in Asia, the effective device is made up of vertical rods and a horizontal separator within a frame (See picture below). In the vertical rods are beads, which is what is moved when one is performing the calculations. Depending on the type of the abacus, there are a certain amount of beads above and below the horizontal rod. For example, the Chinese Abacus includes two beads above the horizontal rod, and five beads below. On the other hand, the Japanese Abacus includes one bead above the horizontal rod, and four beads below (See more in "All About It").

The abacus, in my opinion, is a great device that can definitely rival a generic calculator. The shameful part about it is that the art is slowly being forgotten as we enter the age of technology. The abacus has been used for thousands of years, and I believe that its culture should never be lost. As such, I have created this website to show people what the abacus is and what it's all about. In this website, you will find various types of information about the abacus, which I very much hope will at least strike some curiosity about this ancient and magical tool. If you are ready, dive into the world of the abacus!

Learn all about the abacus! Learn all about the abacus! Learn all about the abacus! Learn all about the abacus! Learn all about the abacus!