Spontaenous Expressions

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What is Spontaenous Expressions

		From a  young age I have been an expressive person. Treasuring my emotions and carefully locking them in a chest 
		where they can live forever.These expressions are threaded through artworks and memories. I have moments when 
		I want to tell people about myself, but I can't put in wordscomepletely.Through art, story-telling, poetry, and 
		the way I design things, I am better able to paint the picture of my identity that people can understand. 
		Everyone communicates differently and at times it may be difficult to understand one another. But I never give 
		up because when people don't understand me, I start feeling less and less satisfied about each day. Taking the
		time to reflect and understand myself, I have started using my strengths to slowly show the world who am and 
		what I can do. This journey I have embarked on expressing myself has been no smooth ride but rather spontaneous 
		sparks of understanding, hence I have named my journey Spontaneous Expressions.
abstract swirls of color coming from an abstract flower-bud


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