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How to Make

  1. take out 30g of tapioca pearls
  2. soak them in water over night
  3. measure 300g of water
  4. pour into pot and set to boil
  5. get 10g of black/green tea and pour into boiling pot for 1 min
  6. pour 300g of soymilk into the boiling pot
  7. add sugar/condensed milk/brown sugar if desired
  8. bring to boil then turn off the heat
  9. seperate the tea leaves and pour the solution into a cup
  10. grab the pearls that soaked overnight and pour into a pot
  11. boil for 1-2 min
  12. seperate pearls from the water and put into a serving container
  13. add desired amount of maple syrup/honey over the pearls
  14. pour the tea into container
  15. add a straw and enjoy
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