Taking Long Exposure Pictures on a Iphone


  1. Iphone 4+:

    Well, we aren't going to use android because this is about Iphones
  2. Some type of stand/pod to hold the phone:

    I used a arm/spider mount to hold my phone but anything that holds it still will work.
  3. Long Exposure App:

    There are many different apps that worked great.I found that Long Expo works the best and the easiest to use but it comes in at a reasonable $.99.


Gloving Light Trail

Now you have all the materials, its time to look for a moving object with stationary surrondings. A waterfall is a great example but i dont live near any great water falls so I am going to take pictures of light trails. Taking pictures of light trails require a low light surrounding, that also means settings will have to be altered to take a perfect picture.

  1. Set up your Iphone holder and make sure its stable
  2. Open the app and change the mode to Light Trail
  3. Bring up the shutter speed menu and depending on how close your light source is your shutter speed should go higher when the light source is farther.This will also effect the amount of light captured by your camera, the higher the shutter speed the more lights it's going Your light source sensitivity should be lower when the surroundings are brighter and higher whens its darker. Its different with the low light sensitivity when its dark you want the setting to be higher and whens its brighter is should be turned down.Mess around with the settings to get the perfect pictures. (Im going to take an up close picture with dark surroundings and a bright light source. I dont want the light source to take up the whole picture so I set the shutter speed to 1/2 seconds and had my light source sensitivity to max to make my lights look bright. I had my low light sensitivity to 0% becuase i wanted the light source to stand out more than the background.)
  4. Take the picture and make sure the Iphone is still and stationary or else the shot will be ruined
  5. Finally after the picture is taken you can mess with the saturation and other settings to make your picture look even better

My Settings and Materials I Used

Long Expo Settings Iphone 5 tripod arm tripod arm