My personal crosshair

To be honest, this isn't my creative crosshair. This is actually Fifflaren's crosshair, a member from the professional CS:GO team called Ninjas in Pyjamas. The reason I use this crosshair is because it's at least small enough for both aiming accurate and recoil control. In personal experience, a thicker crosshair can help my recoil control, however you sometimes cannot hit the head the first shot of your weapon. A smaller crosshair, can make you more accurate, but recoil control will be harder to control. Again, this is just from my experience. If you want to create your own crosshair, visit the following website. You can also find the crosshair of the NiP players on that page (That's where I got mine.) Continue to page 3 to see some pictures of my own crosshair, along with some pros with their own.

CS:GO crosshair generator

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